Advocacy and Lobbying

Press Club Trivandrum

Press Club Trivandrum

Advocacy and lobbying is necessary to break the pattern of public inertia in critical areas affecting deep sea fishermen such as fishing rights, hostility from migrating villages, and degradation of the marine environment. Advocacy is required to claim rights. Advocacy can help to amplify the voice of the poor and enable the marginalized to speak for them.

ADSGAF engages in a variety of advocacy work regarding policy, rights and government protections. For example, the above photo is of a conference speaking against destructive fishing methods by foreign fishing vessels, featuring Mr. Lourdayyan, Secretary, ADSGAF, Mr. Ephrem, Chief Executive, SIFFS, T. Peter, President, KSMTF and Mr. Encilome, President, ADSGAF.

Most recently, ADSGAF has been helping to organize meetings across the country regarding shark conservation policies and deep sea fishing regulations.

See other pictures below from marches, meetings and demonstrations.

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