Partnership with NABARD


Solar Enabled 8 Boats in Kanyakumari
A Project assisted under “NABARD -SDC Rural Innovation Fund”
Implemented by Association of Deep Sea Going Artisanal Fishermen

Concept: Fishery is an area where lot of energy and water used to produce inputs for pre harvest and post harvest activities. If we are able to use solar energy technology, products and its services properly we could save large amount energy derived from fossil fuel, water and avoid unnecessary emission of CO2.

The Problem: Generally the fishermen run the engine for long hours in order to charge the battery during their fishing. Some fishermen are running the engine because of restarting trouble. They spend 70% of the total working capital per voyage for buying fuel. We propose to use solar energy in the boats for charging battery, for the operation of safety and navigation equipment, signal lights, other lights on board, etc. We hope the trial run will be successful and this system can be used in all the boats. We are sure that it will be a great help for the fishermen by saving fuel and reducing operational costs. It would also be helpful to minimize the large amount of intangible emission of harmful CO2.

The Project: Though tapping of solar energy for land based installations are becoming popular these days, adaptation of this technology for use in boats not been tried out.

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