Life with Blood


To cope up with the national shortage of blood in blood banks all over India, a blood donation program, started in 2008 at the World Fish workers Day, witnessed over 50 shark fishermen donating blood for a common cause.
Awareness programs on blood donations are carried out in villages regularly. The association also organizes blood donation camps on special occasions and festivals.

For example, ADSGAF organized a meeting as part of “Give Blood Give Life” program on the world blood donors day. The monitoring committee of the program actively participated. Mr. Saju, the PRO of ADSGAF welcomed the gathering. Mr. Selvorian, who is one of the monitoring committee members, presided over the meeting. He pointed out in his presidential address that world blood donor day celebrated on June 14th every year provides a unique opportunity to thank those very special people, who help and create awareness about the need for more donation. This day is also considered as a worldwide celebration to acknowledge these donors who are providing the strongest foundation for a safe and sustainable blood supply

Mr. S.M. Benadict, the Program Officer made the comments in his felicitation, “The objective of the day is not to attract a big arrival of new blood donors, but to create a wider awareness of the importance of voluntary, unpaid blood donation and encourage more people to become regular donors including those healthy donors who have already given blood when it was a need for those deserved “. Mr. Nayagam, a monitoring committee member wished all the donors who donated blood on the world fish workers day November 21, 2008. He hoped a big number of donors can be expected on the forth coming world fish workers day. The gathering took a wow by stating that for the coming days they will work for creating awareness among the people about the unpaid voluntary donation of blood. ADSGAF also distributed bit notices carrying the importance of blood donation. At the end Mr. Dolphus, Assistant Manager, ADSGAF extended vote of thanks.



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