objectives copy

  • To organize all the traditional fishermen who are engaged in deep sea fishing operations.
  • To encourage and promote thrift and savings culture and also mutual help among members.
  • To build awareness among the members about the new fishing grounds and techniques and impart training in the subject.
  • To avail and access fishing equipments at reasonable cost.
  • To involve in frontline marketing avoiding middlemen-moneylender nexus and bargain for a justifiable and fair prices for the fish landings.
  • To compensate fishermen during loss of life, equipments and belongings.
  • To work for the social, economic, educational and overall integrated development of the fishing community in general.
  • To work for the welfare of the members.
  • To help members with litigation and other legal matters.
  • To engage in the protection of coastal environment, conservation of marine ecosystems and preservation of natural resources.

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