Announcing: Consultation on Nano Satellite for Deep Sea Fishers: Design, Fabrication and Launch

Greetings from IEEE ADSF SIGHT!

Communication and navigation are major challenges for Indian Deep Sea Fishers who fish in different parts of the Indian Ocean that are out of range of most existing communications channels.

In order to explore the possibilities of satellite technology for the use of fishers, IEEE ADSF SIGHT, ADSGAF and Space Kidz India are jointly organizing a consultation on Nano Satellite Design, Fabrication and Launch. The consultation will bring together eminent scientists, engineers and experts form brainstorming about the feasibility of use of nanosatellites for the use of deep sea fishers, particularly for communication and navigation purposes.

The consultation will be held at Russian Centre of Science and Culture, Chennai, #74, Kasthuri Ranga Road, Behind Fortune Hotel.

The date: 11th December 2017, 10.30 AM to 04.30 PM.

We invite participation from a wide range of interested parties. If interested in attending, please contact Mr. Vincent Jain, former chair IEEE ADSF SIGHT, at 9585615351 or

5 Days IEEE Summer Camp 2016

We appreciate the students who have decided to spend their summer holidays with us at Eraviputhenthurai-Thoothoor of Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu one of the best fishing villages in India. The 5 Days IEEE Summer Camp 2016 will be scheduled to be held from 26-30 June 2016 at Eraviputhenthurai. This will be the greatest opportunities to the young engineering students to get exposure to various technology oriented projects. Students who are not registered yet, kindly register now. The registration form is linked below. Experts and personalities from IEEE Mr. Amarnath Raja, Dr. Kumarappan, Dr. Mrs. Radha, Mr. Ranjit Nair, Mr. Prashanth Mohan and Mr. Anand Balu are attending the camp. Member of Legislative Assembly (Killiyoor Constituency, Kanyakumari District) Mr. Rajesh Kumar will be the guest of Honour for the Inaugural day of the Camp.

All documents, including the registration form as well as the Tentative programme, General Rules and Regulations and other details can be downloaded by clicking here.

Update on IEEE Artisanal Deep Sea Fishers SIGHT project

We are continuing our work with the project.

One focus is: Develop Safe Boat Design and Boat Building (SBDBB) based on FAO Standards. 

Boatbuilding is a complex and labour intensive industry. Safety of the boat is based on the designing of the boat and use of quality materials in building boats. The base for width, draft and depth of the boat is related with the length of the boat. Optimum use of space in the boat is another safety factor to be considered while designing and building a boat. Marine electrification with proper luminous is indispensible in the boat. 

See below for some pictures of our engagement with students.

Students are getting into the boat

Students are getting into the boat

Students engaged in work

Students engaged in work

Students taking measurements

Students taking measurements

Model boat work in progress

Model boat work in progress

Carpenters leading the students

Carpenters leading the students

IEEE DAY Celebration and Formation of Special Interested Group Report on Artisanal Deep Sea Fishers SIGHT


A special meeting was organized in Scott Christian College, Nagercoil on 9th October 2015 at the eve of the IEEE Day. Dr.M. Rashi, the Vice-principal has presided the meeting. Dr.A. Moses Ezhil Raj, Head of the Department of Physics and Dr. Chella Kumar Rose, Dean, Annai Vailankanni College of Engineering, Nagercoil delivered special address. Mr. Sam Michael, Artisanal Deep Sea Fisherman (Expert in Traditional Communication) and Mr. S.Elkiyas, Artisanal Deep Sea Fisherman (Expert in Traditional Navigation) shared their experience. Dr. A. Anandhy HoD of Economics, Dr. C. James, Department of Physics, Prof. B. Shamina Ross, Department of Computer Science, Prof.G. Ramesh Babu, Department of Business Administration, Dr. Suresh Chandra Kumar, Department of Chemistry, Dr. P. Sundara Raj, Department of Economics, Dr. D. Hylin Reba, Department of Economics, Dr. Selva Smiley, Department of Economics and Dr. Jeena Pearl, Department of Chemistry were attended the meeting. Mr. J.Vincent Jain, Chair, IEEE Artisanal Deep Sea Fishers SIGHT discussed various projects (and also PMO courses London) which are needed to fisheries sector especially to the Artisanal Deep Sea Fisheries. Dr. A.Yardily, Department of Chemistry has taken the responsibility of organizing the meeting and he welcomed the gathering. Er. Angelin Indira, Project Coordinator, IEEE Artisanal Deep Sea Fishers SIGHT delivered the IEEE Day message and also proposed vote of thanks.

It is proposed to form a separate group under IEEE Artisanal Deep Sea Fishers SIGHT in Scott Christian College like NCC, NSS, Red Cross, Green Crops etc. The purpose of forming such kind of group is to encourage non-engineering students and faculty members to develop humanitarian technology activities and engage them in such kind of activities.

Dr. M.Suresh Chandra Kumar has already built a model boat with rubber mixed material and he wished to develop a scale down model boat for Artisanal Deep Sea Fishers. He also agreed to make Kitchen and Bio toilet for the boats. Prof.B. Shamina Ross has expressed interest in developing a Digital Screen. Physics students expressed their interest in luminous intensity study in fishing boat with the students of Annai Vailankanni College of Engineering and St. Xaviers Catholic College of Engineering. Prof.G. Ramesh Babu has agreed to undertake a preliminary study on fish market value chain. A project on Cost Benefit Analysis for a Fishing Boat to the B.Com students lead by Mr. Jeniston

IEEE Artisanal Deep Sea Fishers SIGHT provide the below mentioned services to the College:

  • Capacity Building Training
  • Skill Development Programme
  • Training on Project Preparation, Evaluation etc
  • Preparing students in various Competitive Examinations
  • Organizing Exposure to New Areas of Intervention
  • Supporting and assisting in linking with companies for internships, research, placements etc.



IEEE Artisanal Deep Sea Fishers SIGHT
(Proposed Structure of the Group)

Patron: Dr.M. Edwin Gnanadhas

College Coordinator: Dr. A. Yardily

Faculty Lead: Prof.G. Ramesh Babu
Prof.B. Shamina Ross

Students Lead: Dhaneesh, III B.Com
Jenepha, I MSc Physics

Project Lead:
1. Kimtares, III BCA
2. Merlin Dominic, III BBA
3. Altrine Geno, II MSc Chemistry
4. Shine J.P Nifha, IM.Sc Physics
5. G. Jeniston, III BCom
6. N. Sreedhar, MPhil, Economics
7. Ashish, I BBM

Special thanks to Dr. M.Edwin Gnana Dhas, Principal for the efforts and special interest shown and providing necessary facilities in the college for organizing the meeting. Special thanks to Dr. Chella Kumar Rose for taking the lead to organize the events in the College.

Releasing the Proceedings and Recommendations of the Safe Boat Building Workshop

We are pleased to announce the Proceedings and Recommendations of the first consultation on Safe Boat Design and Boat Building to FAO Standards.

This consultation was organized on July 29 and 30 by IEEE Artisanal Deep Sea Fishers SIGHT, Association of Deep Sea Going Artisanal Fishermen and South Indian Federation of Fishermen Societies.

Different topics were discussed during seven sessions.

Click here to read the Safe Boat Building Consultation Proceedings and Recommendations.


Boat with potential for all modern equipments

Boat with potential for all modern equipments

Many groups will come together at the end of this month to consult on boat design. We would like to make a safe boat, but with many inputs, we can surely make a smart boat.

For more info, contact:

  • Mr. V. Romanse Secretary-ADSGAF, Mob: 9344410884, Email:
    Prof: P. Lovelin Auguskani, (Treasurer- IEEE Artisanal Deep Sea Fishers SIGHT, Mob: 9486413798, email:
  • Mr. Belgin P.Morais, Head-Boat Yard Division, SIFFS, Mob: 7558982220, email:
    Prof. G. Gaswin Kastro Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Annai Vailankanni College of Engineering, Mob: 9597684743, email:
  • Er. Angelin Indra, Member-IEEE Artisanal Deep Sea Fishers SIGHT and Coordinator-Students, Mob: 9566141577, email:
  • IEEE Madras Section, Room No. 3, ISTE Professional Centre, Gandhi Mandapam Road, Chennai – 600 025, Phone: +91 (044) 24423939

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