Samudra Sahayee


Samudra Sahayee (‘Samudra’ means sea and ‘Sahayee’ is colleague) is a scheme developed by the association to compensate boat owners for the loss of boats. Based on the casualties, an amount would be collected from the boat owners for compensating the loss. Many times, the collected amount would not be more than Rs.100, 000 while the actual value of the boat varies from Rs.45, 00,000 to Rs.55, 00,000.

But this will be some help for fisherman when he has lost everything. Compensating the loss of a boat is indeed a tough challenge. An average of 5 boats is lost every year (2003 to 2009).

Insurance premiums are presently too high and not viable considering the income earned from these boats.
This is an area where the association needs support urgently. The association proposed to build a core fund in addition to the casualties-based-collection from the boat owners. We seek your helping hand to create this core fund to compensate the loss of livelihood.


The Process of Availing Compensation

The applicant should file a letter of information/request to the organization about the casualty.

While scrutinizing the information/request made, the managing committee directs the sub-committee for enquiring the matter. They in turn have to visit the place of incident, assess the loss/damage and submit a report with recommendations. Based on the report, the managing committee decides to avail the compensation under “Samudra Sahayee”

Proposed Core Fund Utilization


The core fund of “Samudra Sahayee” will be managed as fixed deposit in a bank for a long period decided by the managing committee.

The annual interest from fixed deposit and the members’ (casualties-based-collection) contribution together will be treated as compensation for the victims to help resume their livelihood.
Hope, you will extend your helping hand to create the core fund in-order to make a sustainable livelihood for the fishermen.

You can magnanimously contribute by reaching out to the association at the address on the contact page.

Year wise loss of boats and its value
Year Number of Boats Amount (INR)
2003 2 28,00,000
2004 2 34,00,000
2005 8 1,44,00,000
2006 5 1,00,00,000
2007 9 2,07,00,000
2008 2 48,00,000
2009 7 1,75,00,000
Total 35 7,36,00,000

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