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ADSGAF has also partnered with the National Fisheries Development board to introduce solar-powered refrigeration trucks to greatly reduce post-harvest losses during transportation.

Solar Powered Refrigerated Trucks for
Transportation of Fresh Fish

1.0 Background

The dispersed and distant living population requires proper means for food preservation and distribution without its spoilage. The existing food preservation and transportation technology has developed sufficiently to preserve the wide variety of foods for a considerable long time without loosing the freshness. In the case of fish, a highly perishable commodity needs best preservation and transportation to avoid spoilage and to maintain freshness. This is significantly enhancing the costs—both capital and operational. Association of Deep Sea Going Artisanal Fishermen (ADSGAF) is currently exploring means of reducing the operational expenses of refrigerated transport using solar power.

2.0 Introduction

This is a pilot project based on the experiment and experience acquired by ADSGAF since 2010. By using solar photovoltaic cell technology on the fishing boats, fisher members of ADSGAF could save fuel, money and time. Besides, fishermen are able to fish using the solar powered lights and communication systems and devices resulting in the reduction of carbon emission. The on-board solar power system for fishing boats project is being presently supported by NABARD for scaling up and to further broaden and replicate this experiment.

In this present envisaged project we are proposing to use the solar technology on fish transport vehicles for active refrigeration to preserve the various fish species that are being transported to various distant, domestic and export markets without compromising the quality and freshness.

The current experiment will be conducted in one insulated van equipped with compressors of domestic refrigerator. Solar panels will be installed on top of the van, and the batteries, charge controller and an inverter will be installed inside the van.

3.0 The experiments of ADSGAF, BOBP-IGO and Jagath Jothi Solar Energy Private Limited.

The ADSGAF in collaboration with the Bay of Bengal Programme Inter-Governmental Organisation (BOBP-IGO) and M/s Jagath Jothi Solar Energy Private Ltd. have been conducting trials on the practical usage of solar energy in fishing crafts since early 2010. Based on the success achieved in the initial trials, we have now embarked on the second stage of our pilot-scale activities with the objective of establishing effective models that can demonstrate the successful application of solar energy in fishing boats and other land-based applications in the fisheries sector. In fishing boats, such applications at this stage includes the use of solar energy for most of the auxiliary functions such as signal lights; charging of communication devices, navigation and entertainment equipment on board; lighting of storage /cooking/wheelhouse areas; use of additional lights during night fishing operations and hauling of nets; etc.

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