UPDATE2: NMCSI – Goa is set for 11 Feb

Greetings from the Organizers of NMCSI

We are happy to invite you all to the 9th meeting of National Mission on Conservation of Sharks-India. The Meeting will be held on 11th February 2016, at the meeting Hall, Fishery Survey of India, Goa. Participants are requested to take care of their travel, food and other things on their own.

Time: 9.30 hours to 16.30 hours. This will be the last meeting on this series.

There will be another meeting to present the consolidated reports of all NINE Meetings. The date and other things are not yet finalized. It will be finalized and inform you all soon.

Kindly mark the date well in advance so that you will be able to plan for attending the meeting.

More details of the meeting will be advised later.

Solar lantern / panel workshop

sl and sp training copy

IEEE ADSF SIGHT, ADSGAF and MGPTC have organized a Training on Solar Lantern and Solar Panel Assembling. This workshop is to be held at Moderator Gnanadason Polytechnic College, Nagercoil.

The date is fixed for 20 Feb from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The workshop will give the basics of

  • how solar energy is converted to electrical energy,
  • the basics of components, their properties and their role in solar lanterns
  • the art of soldering the components
  • the basics of how the solar panel is assembled and used

FEES IEEE Members, Rs. 250, non-members Rs. 400.

For details, contact Mr. Dhanasekhar, dhanasekhar014@gmail.com / 808935987, or Mr. Humfrey, careyhumfrey@gmail.com, 8438361868.

Update on IEEE Artisanal Deep Sea Fishers SIGHT project

We are continuing our work with the project.

One focus is: Develop Safe Boat Design and Boat Building (SBDBB) based on FAO Standards. 

Boatbuilding is a complex and labour intensive industry. Safety of the boat is based on the designing of the boat and use of quality materials in building boats. The base for width, draft and depth of the boat is related with the length of the boat. Optimum use of space in the boat is another safety factor to be considered while designing and building a boat. Marine electrification with proper luminous is indispensible in the boat. 

See below for some pictures of our engagement with students.

Students are getting into the boat

Students are getting into the boat

Students engaged in work

Students engaged in work

Students taking measurements

Students taking measurements

Model boat work in progress

Model boat work in progress

Carpenters leading the students

Carpenters leading the students

With our apologies, Summit NMCSI has been postponed.

Due to regrettable and unfortunate circumstances, we are forced to postpone the NMCSI summit meeting planned for Nov. 27 and 28 in Kankyakumari.

The new date will be announced shortly. We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused by us.
Thank so much to all who have cooperated in this process and we are expecting the same in future, too.
Warm regards,

NMCSI-8 planned for West Bengal

It is for your kind information that the NMCSI-8 will be held on 5th November 2015 at the Conference Hall, Central Institute of Fisheries Education, Kolkata Centre, West Bengal. Few of them are already expressed their inability in attending the meeting due to pre-occupied event. Others please attend the meeting and provide your valid inputs.